Snack Review: Smartfood Movie Theater Butter Popcorn

Jim Greene
by Jim Greene | March 22, 2012 @ 4:48 pm | 0 

I’m one of those people who will go to the movies just for the popcorn, so every time I see a snack food company come out with a “movie theater butter” product, I have to try it. I’ll admit that I’ve been disappointed time after time. There’s just no replicating the hot, freshly buttered flavor of real movie popcorn. But when I saw that Smartfood had released a new movie theater butter flavor, I got my hopes up. The company’s white cheddar popcorn is, in my opinion, one of the tastiest and most flavorful snacks on the market, and I was optimistic that they’d be able to pull off movie theater butter better than anyone else.

The first thing I did when I opened the bag was take a long, deep whiff to see what I could detect, and I have to admit I couldn’t smell much more than a little hint of butter. This lack of an overpowering aroma tempered my expectations somewhat. Then, I popped a handful of popcorn in my mouth.

It was fresh. The kernels were big and fluffy, with just the right amount of softness and just the right amount of crunch. Smartfood does that to perfection every time. But I had been hoping that the product would be bursting with flavor, and it wasn’t. The buttery taste was much subtler than I expected, which to some people may be a good thing. To me, it was a bit of a disappointment. I didn’t expect the taste to be sharp and zesty like the company’s white cheddar popcorn, but I expected more than the little hint of butter than it offered.

On the whole, I’d say Smartfood’s movie theater butter popcorn was good but not great. While I wasn’t exactly disappointed, I definitely expected more and will probably stick with their classic white cheddar flavor the next time I get the munchies.

Rating: 6 out of 10