XL Foods Factory Reopens: Allowed To Partially Resume Activities

Catherine Roberts
by Catherine Roberts | October 12, 2012 @ 8:01 am | 1 

The XL Foods Lakeside meat processing facility has been given the okay for a partial reopen. The factory was originally shut down after over 12 people were made ill from E. coli contamination. This strand of E. coli was a unique mutation and it was the first time seen in North America.

The XL Foods factory currently has 5,100 beef carcasses that need to be processed. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is allowing the factory to reopen only to process the meat. The processed meat will be held in detention for additional CFIA testing. The CFIA will use it as an opportunity to observe the factory as it operates to document their food safety controls.

A review of the factory on October 9th showed that all E. coli contaminated appliances and meat had been sanitized. Yesterday the factory was allowed to start work again. Full operations will only be allowed after the CFIA, the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food give their okay. If the meat processed is tested and come up negative for E. coli, the plant will be allowed to sell their beef again.

Read the CFIA’s statement on the plant reopening here: inspection.gc.ca