Woman Eats and Drinks Only Starbucks For An Entire Year!

Anna Fleet
by Anna Fleet | January 3, 2014 @ 10:48 am | 0 

I love my Starbucks, but Beautiful Existence, a blogger for 1YearofMyLife.com, decided to challenge herself to eat only Starbucks food and beverages for the entire 2013 year.

Beautiful Existence, a blogger who takes on personal challenges to explore everything in life—“from  politics to pennies, coffee to communities… and everything in between.”

You might think noshing Starbucks would be bad for health and weight reasons, but Beautiful Existence assures that as long as she stayed balanced in her choices and resisted the temptation of overindulging in pastries and frapacchinos, her weight stayed on track.

“Starbucks has fruits, nuts, vegetables, she says, “I have a really big variety in the Seattle area, more so than what other people might have.”

Mind you when it came to the price of her yearly eating challenge, the cost was much higher than the average yearly grocery bills.

“When you consider the cost of retail”, she says. “I spent over $7,000 in 2013on Starbucks food and beverages for the year.”

Which is why she says she may consider sponsors for her future challenges to stay within budget and also, perhaps, work with the companies a little more closely to take advantage of products and coupons a little bit better.

However, Beautiful Existence notes that in using her Starbucks card over the past year, earned her quite a bit of freebies.

But despite the financial, she says that she personally justifies the cost because, in a sense, she was also paying for part time workers to have health insurance benefits.

Now that 2013’s challenge has wrapped, Beautiful Existence already has her 2014 challenge underway—it’s the REI (Recreational Equipment) challenge, which will have her learning every recreational sport (over 80 in total) with 5 marathons to train for too boot!

Check out the video for all the details!

Source: AOL