Two Additional Products Added to New Food Classics Beef Recall; Five Guys Burgers Affected

Ryan May
by Ryan May | March 25, 2012 @ 5:36 pm | 0 

Two additional products were added to the New Food Classics beef burger recall that we have been covering for the last few weeks. This unsettling expansion of the beef recall indicates that the investigation is far from over and the prospect of even more products being recalled remains quite high.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has added the following beef products to its list of recalled products that may contain deadly E. coli bacteria. The new products listed in the recall include ground beef prepared for Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries, a popular burger chain who claims that they have not been sourcing beef from the New Food Classics plant since their shutdown.

The recalled products that were announced to the public on Saturday, March 24th include:

- Five Guys Fresh Ground Beef (product code 55362)
- Country Fried Style Breaded Beef Steak Chopped (product code 50988)

These products join the over 100 burger and beef products already listed in the recall. Canadian shoppers have found beef burger sections in their local grocery stores to be vacant and nearly every major brand name, including PC, Best Value, The Keg and Lick’s Burgers, has had their product recalled.

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