Toronto Elementary School Bans Junk Food for Lunch

Anna Fleet
by Anna Fleet | October 18, 2013 @ 9:40 am | 0 

Some teachers just complain about the junk and candy that their students bring to school every day—others actually do something about it! That’s right; a Toronto elementary school has banned junk foods like candy, chips, chocolate, and soda from student lunch bags.

While school boards across Canada have already taken steps to reduce access to junk food in schools, via banning the sale in vending machines and school cafeterias—the new junk food ban at James S. Bell Middle School hopes to encourage students to live a healthier lifestyle…starting with what they bring for lunch. The ban requests that students brown bag only fresh, healthy foods in their lunch bags.

But how is the rule enforced?

“If we find a box of Smarties or a KitKat bar [in a lunch bag], we kindly ask the student to take it home,” explains school principal, John Currie. “As long as [kids and parents] are thinking about healthy foods…then I think that’s half the battle,”

And before you ask what parent reaction is; it seems that most parents of James S. Bell students actually support and helped craft the new “no junk for lunch” ban.

So what’s your opinion? Is this new stance a positive one in the face of still rising childhood obesity rates that are expected to double by 2040? Or do you think dictating what children bring in their lunches is violating children’s right to choose what they want to eat?

Source: CTV News