Smoked Salmon Recall 2013: More Products Added to Recall List

Angela Ayles
by Angela Ayles | January 11, 2013 @ 9:22 am | 0 

Delifish has decided to remove several of its smoked products due to the listeria concerns. As many of you know, the company recalled several products earlier this month. Those products included Julian dates 249-291. The new recall has been updated to include Julian dates 235-345. The recall is being released as a precautionary measure only and no new detections on products placed on the market have been reported since the original recall.

According to the press release “The expansion means that all cold smoked products that have been produced in the same period as the product type which initially tested positive in the U.S.A. are now voluntarily recalled. The decision is taken in agreement with the FDA and is carried out as a precautionary measure.”

The products affected are thought to have been distributed in the following states: CA, NC, VA, OH, MA, IL, FL, GA, TX, DE, NJ, NY, PA, WA and Puerto Rico. They were sold in retail stores in several states across the US.

The specific products associated with the recall are: “Food Service Cold Smoked Salmon Trim 1 lb. Lot #’s = 235 thru 345, 6oz Royal Fjord Smoked Toppers, UPC = 810230000561, Lot #’s = 235 thru 345, and Royal Fjord Sliced Smoked Salmon Loin, 12-14 oz. Lot #’s= 235 thru 345 and 5 lb. cold smoked pieces Lot #’s= 235 thru 345, Royal Fjord 5 oz. rounds UPC= 810230000127, Lot #’s = 235 thru 345, 4 oz. New England Smoked Salmon UPC = 810230000066 Lot #’s = 235 thru 345, 3oz Pacific Supreme UPC # 058138102448 Lot #’s = 235 thru 345, 20oz Sam’s UPC# 073030805167 Lot #’s = 235 thru 345, 2 – 3lb Icy Point NO UPC Lot #’s = 235 thru 345, 8oz Lassco Select Gourmet UPC # 072840017081 Lot #’s = 235 thru 345, 3oz Bacon Lascco UPC #072840017036 Lot #’s = 235 thru 345, 5lb Natural Trimming NO UPC Lot #’s = 235 thru 345, 4lb Trimming with preservatives NO UPC Lot #’s = 235 thru 345, 6oz Party Platter NO UPC Lot #’s = 235 thru 345, 16oz Nova (Wheel) UPC # 072840007273 Lot #’s = 235 thru 345, 4oz Nova Lascco UPC #072840017050 Lot #’s = 235 thru 345, 8oz Nathans UPC # 073030803699 Lot #’s = 235 thru 345, 3oz Nathans UPC # 073030803682 Lot #’s = 235 thru 345, and 4oz 3 Star UPC # 072840017517 Lot #’s = 235 thru 345.”

Consumers with questions or concerns regarding the recall can contact the company at 1-877-479-8085.

In addition to Delifish, GIANT Food Stores LLC and MARTIN’S Food Markets also announced that they had removed Ocean Beauty Seafoods LLC products from their shelves due to listeria concerns as well.

The following products associated with this recall include: Nathan’s Nova Salmon, 3 o.z., UPC 7303080368, all sell by dates * Nathan’s Nova Salmon, 8 o.z., UPC 7303080369, all sell by dates * Lascco Smoked Salmon, 3 o.z., UPC 7284001703, all sell by dates.

There have been no reported illnesses associated with those products.

Consumers with questions or concerns regarding this specific recall can contact Ocean Beauty Customer Service at 1-800-368-7699.

The official press release for the Delifish recall can be found here.

The official press release for the Ocean Beauty recall can be found here.