Salt-Kissed Dulce de Leche Brownie Review: Recipe To Riches Winning Product

Catherine Roberts
by Catherine Roberts | November 6, 2012 @ 11:12 am | 3 

This is the third winning product from Recipe to Riches season 2. It won for the Cookies and Squares category.

The Product: Unlike the first two products from this season, the result actually looks like what we saw on the show. Called a “salt-kissed dulce de leche brownie”, this product promises a fudgey brownie, topped with dulce de leche caramel, and finished with a layer of chocolate ganache and sprinkled with sea salt. It costs $8.99 which is much more than the other products. It comes in a container where you have to cut your own pieces. I was okay with that because that’s the typical market style for dessert squares. Some other reviews wished they were pre-cut.

The Visuals: The box color was hot pink/purple and you could clearly read all package details.

The Taste: I had really high hopes for this product. All of the other reviews online give it a rave review. All of our office was excited to try it. I cut everyone small pieces, which were half of the recommending serving size. Two people spit their portions into the garbage. It was disgusting! Revolting! It was way too salty. You could taste the salt an hour after you ate it. I wanted to give it a fair chance and so I scraped off the chocolate topping. The dulce de leche was very poor and didn’t taste like any dulce de leche I’ve ever had. To be fair, it’s made from corn syrup so I wouldn’t actually call it dulce de leche. Below that, the brownie was fine except that it was salty too. All together it was a mediocre brownie topped with a poor excuse of dulce de leche, and covered with a sickening overly salty chocolate ganache.

The Nutrition: I was actually surprised at how little calories were in each generous size. There are 180 calories in 1/16th of the pan.

The Verdict: I had a stomach ache from the ¬†sickening sweetness, and I didn’t have more than the recommended serving size. The pan was sent back home with staff members to be tested by others. They thought it was disgusting too. Maybe we got a bad batch and the salting machine went crazy. I won’t be buying another to try out that theory. I’m actually a big fan of the sweet/salty combination. I even like European salted licorice. The brownies were just gross though.

The Score: 0/10, and I want my money back.