October 29, 2013 is National Oatmeal Day!

Anna Fleet
by Anna Fleet | October 29, 2013 @ 10:31 am | 0 

Bitter cold mornings like today (if you’re in a frost -prone portions of North America like I am) call for a warm bowl of breakfast to help ease you out of bed and warm up those empty bellies.

Luckily, today is national oatmeal day, a day where no belly goes cold or unnourished!

In honor of the day that warms you from your toes to your nose with one of the most energizing grains on earth, here are a few out of the ordinary oatmeal factoids:

  1. Approximately 75-percent of American households have oatmeal tucked away in their cupboard for a cold day.
  2. Perhaps the most famous Oatmeal idol is the Quaker Man, has been featured on packages of Quaker® Oats since 1877. However, his image was updated in 1946, 1957 and, most recently in 1972.
  3. Oatmeal is yummy, but it also reduces cholesterol by up to 20-percent if you eat a fiber-filled bowl for breakfast each day!
  4. Your morning bowl of oats is considered a super food—just one bowl provides a heaping dose of healthful antioxidants.
  5. Food prices might be on the rise, but oatmeal is still a steal for your pantry at less than 15-cents per serving.


Source: Foodimentary.com