McDonalds Tests Classy Table Service in Australia

Angela Ayles
by Angela Ayles | February 7, 2013 @ 10:36 am | 0 

Would you be more likely to dine-in at a McDonald’s if your Big Mac and Fries were served on fancy china? A 5-week test in several McDonald’s Australia locations will determine whether customers feel more comfortable eating their fast food from china, glassware and silver cutlery.

In the test locations, customers who order the Grand Angus, Big Mac or Chicken Deluxe meal between 5pm and 8pm on Monday or Tuesday nights will have the option of eating their meals with fancy dinnerware.

There are a few questions regarding the test: First, why would anyone need cutlery when eating any of the meals listed above? Are you seriously going to cut your sandwich – or use a fork to eat your fries? Secondly, what happens if you purchase one of the sandwich meals above and your friend opts for a McNugget meal. Are you going to dine using fancy dinnerware while your less fortunate friend (sitting right beside you) takes their nuggets out of a cardboard box and sprinkles their fries onto napkin?

Customers seem to have mixed feelings about the new test. While some agree that adding a bit of class to the dining experience can’t hurt, others believe messing with a good thing is a recipe for disaster.

If the test goes well, dine-in dinnerware could be available in North America in as soon as 6 months.

The question is, what do YOU think? Would you be more likely to dine-in at McDonalds if your meal was served on actual dinnerware?

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