MasterChef 2012 Monti Carlo Elimination: Our Exclusive Interview Part 2

Catherine Roberts
by Catherine Roberts | August 30, 2012 @ 8:45 am | 4 

Fan favorite Monti Carlo was eliminated from MasterChef in an emotional episode. She had made it to the top five spots, but was cut for the final four. It came between her and Josh in a sushi plate battle. We had the chance to chat with Monti about her elimination and her life off the show. Read our first interview with Monti here. Catch Monti online at, her personal blog and her twitter @MC3Monti. Listen to her live in the mornings on, and check out her blog at

FoodBeat: So you made it to the final five! That seems like a huge accomplishment to me.

Monti Carlo: It was unbelievable. I never would have thought I could have even made it to the top 10, let alone 5. When they announced that I would be moving on to the top 5, I literally almost passed out. If you watch the footage again, it looks like I’m talking to myself. In reality I was warning the medical team to be ready if I fainted. When I look at what I accomplished on the show it’s amazing. I had only started to cook recently and yet here I was with amazingly talented people who had been cooking their entire lives. It was a huge shock to make it, but it was a huge honor too.

FoodBeat: It was a close decision between you and Josh. Do you think the judges made the right call?

Monti Carlo: I do. I would not have served the sushi dish to my friends much less the President of the United States. I had no idea how to cut the tuna properly or make the avocado mousse. I was way out of my league with that challenge and it was the right decision to cut me and keep Josh. Josh has a stronger skill set and he knows how to cook food from so many different cultures. I know Spanish culture and home cooking but I don’t know how to make exotic food. Josh is so talented and I’m glad he’s still on the show. I am incredibly proud of Josh.

When Josh was eliminated the first time, it was for a hardboiled egg! I was the team leader and I let them down and Josh was punished for my failure. I was so glad he was brought back because I really think he deserved another chance.

FoodBeat: How hard was it to be eliminated from MasterChef?

Monti Carlo: It was out of this world. I felt like I had left my body and was watching everything happen. It wasn’t heartbreaking, because I knew I was going to see my little kiddo again. It was time to go for many reasons. That morning I had received word that my sister and my son were being evicted from their apartment for noise complaints. My mind was at home, worrying if Danger would be on the streets. He’s three years old and of course he’s loud! There were bigger fish to fry at home. I would have loved to win, but everything happens for a reason.

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