Josh Sankey Will Travel Across America Using Only Bacon as Money

Angela Ayles
by Angela Ayles | September 12, 2012 @ 7:58 am | 13 

Well this brings a whole new meaning to the term bringing home the bacon. Actor Josh Sankey has been hand-selected by Oscar Mayer to embark on a journey unlike any other where he will be required to travel to 12 American cities using only Oscar Mayer bacon as money.

Sankey’s journey will conclude in Los Angeles on September 23, 2012 if everything goes to plan.

The actor/comedian will have 3,000 pounds of the company’s new, thick bacon which they insist is “worth its weight in gold” but will have no form of currency, including credit cards, debit cards, cash or anything else.

Here’s what Josh says on his website about his mission:

“I need your help. I’m driving from NY to LA with no cash and no cards – just a trailer full of Butcher Thick Cut Bacon to barter with you for food, lodging and everything else I need. It’s all to find out if America loves this bacon as much as money!”

The comprehensive website for the campaign let’s fans see where Josh has been so far, where he currently is, who’s making an offer with him and more. You can check it all out here. You can also follow Josh on Twitter here.

Do you think Oscar Mayer bacon can get Josh from one side of the country to the other?