Jack Daniel’s Cease and Desist Letter: A Must-Read!

Angela Ayles
by Angela Ayles | July 24, 2012 @ 1:24 pm | 2 

Jack Daniel’s may produce the best-selling whiskey in the world but that hasn’t made the company a corporate, money-hungry, greed-fuelled empire like some of the others in its industry. Case in point, this cease-and-desist letter the company recently sent out to the author of the novel Broken Piano for President – a novel which blatantly stole the popular brand’s artwork to help sell copies.

Take a look at the similarities between the book cover and the label for a Jack Daniels bottle in the photo on the right.

After noticing the similarities between the two, execs at Jack Daniels knew they had to do something about it. However, instead of shooting off a nasty cease-and-desist letter demanding the novel be taken off shelves, they sent this:

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this story – and one that other companies could definitely learn from – is the positive publicity both Jack Daniels and the author of the novel have received due to this act of kindness.

Patrick Wensink, author of the novel, wrote on his blog that the book has already sold out at Powell’s and that Amazon has a few left in stock. Meanwhile, Jack Daniels has drummed up a ton of positive publicity thanks to the well-written letter – and supporters of the brand are thrilled to see the company handle a delicate situation with such class.

Some of the comments left on Mashable include “Now that’s marketing! I believe I actually have a bottle of Jack Daniels that my brother left here at some point, and while I don’t drink the stuff myself, I would take my coonskin cap off to these gents any day! Nicely done.” Another commenter praised the company, noting “You know what is the most telling about that letter from Jack Daniels? It was actually written by a human being and not some boiler plate attorney letter. Well done, old No. 7, just like your Tennessee Whiskey.”

Looks like this was a win/win situation for everyone.

Source: Mashable.com