Hell’s Kitchen Elimination August 27, 2012: Double Elimination! Who Went Home (Spoilers)!

Catherine Roberts
by Catherine Roberts | August 27, 2012 @ 8:59 pm | 5 

This 18th episode of Hell’s Kitchen 2012 had the final chefs competing for the final spots. We have seen the contestants get cut from 18 down to 4, and now down to 2.

The reward challenge this week had the chefs cooking with a $15 budget. They had to make their best gourmet entree and they would be judged for their restaurant value. The highest value would win. Dana chose to serve halibut and just barely edged ahead. Her reward was to cook and spend time with her family. The punishment for the other three chefs was to sort the dumpster garbage- probably the most disgusting job from the entire season.

At dinner service, each of the contestants had a turn to run the pass. It would establish the difference between a cook and a chef in the show. The winner will need to be a great leader in the Steak Restaurant in Las Vegas. Justin was the first to call the pass. Gordon Ramsay threw some curve balls into the service. Justin had a plate of pasta made with crab instead of lobster. He caught it right away with his killer palate. He did a great job and it looked very natural for him to be calling service.

Dana wasn’t so great at her turn. She missed her “quality control test” with sugar spiked risotto. Barbie did a fairly good job, except that she started her service by screaming at the guests. When Barbie called out the orders, she didn’t turn around to the kitchen and instead she yelled it at the guests. Barbie did catch her sabotage when a potato substitute was plated instead of the normal mash.

Christina did an amazing job calling the pass. There was a problem with Dana not cooking the fish station properly, but Christina managed to get the tables served. Christina also caught the “quality control test” of arugula being served instead of spinach.

Gordon Ramsay announced that it would be a double elimination this episode. In the end it was Barbie who was eliminated. Just before we saw the last elimination, the show ended!


Who do you think will be eliminated next week?