Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition 2012 Finale Recap: Jarvez Before and After

Catherine Roberts
by Catherine Roberts | August 20, 2012 @ 2:40 pm | 1 

On this finale episode of Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition 2012 we meet Jarvez. He used to be a football player for Oregon State University. He Played on the 2001 Fiesta Bowl Team and weighed 300 pounds at that time. After he quit football he became depressed and gained weight. Now Jarvez has a beautiful wife and wants to turn his life around. He contacted Chris Powell after having to call in sick to work after he tore the seams in all his pants.

The First Phase

Jarvez weighed in at 548 pounds at the start of his journey. Chris Powell took him through the “fight or flight” challenge, where most contestants fail. Jarvez excelled at it and never gave up. It could be that his football training had been as intense and he was used to giving it his all. His goal for this phase was an amazing 135 pounds! He would be doing cardio work for 3-6 hours per day, along with 3 days of strength training. His new meal plan had him eating 2000 calories. This may seem high for weight loss, but he needed the fuel for his intense work outs. He weighed in at 406, having lost an amazing 142 pounds. His reward was to go to the Super Bowl and work out with the Green Bay Packers.

The Second Phase

The second phase had Jarvez aiming to lose 80 pounds. His reward for this goal was a second honeymoon with his wife in Tuscon, Arizona. During this phase, Jarvez had a bad case of vertigo and his weight training was put on hold. He only managed to get to 358 pounds, 32 pounds off his goal. He was still able to take a trip with his wife, who had been very supportive of his journey.

The Last Phases

The phase three weigh in had Jarvez at 284 pounds, which was a 74 pound loss. Chris Powell called Jarvez the “greatest transformations of all-time.” His final weigh in had him at 267 pounds. Over the course of one year, Jarvez had lost 281 pounds!

The epilogue of the episode showed that Jarvez had regained 20 pounds but was keeping his weight consistent at 287 pounds. He was taking proactive steps to reduce his temptation, like using the bus so that he could not buy fast food. We also learnt that he is soon to be a father! Congratulations to Jarvez and his new family.


Check out Jarvez at http://www.facebook.com/jarvezhall and http://jarvez.com/