Excessive Salt Blamed for 2.3 Million Deaths in 2010: REPORT

Angela Ayles
by Angela Ayles | March 22, 2013 @ 8:58 am | 0 

Most people are aware of the health dangers associated with excessive salt intake but a new report presented in New Orleans this week revealed staggering statistics that have many people truly concerned about their eating habits.

But, what information was presented that most of don’t already know?

The cardiologists reported that too much salt (also referred to as sodium) contributed to over 2.3 million deaths in 2010. The statistic encompasses people from all over the world, many of which died from health related problems such as heart attack, stroke and heart disease.

“We found overall, 2.3 million deaths in 2010 around the world were due to eating too much salt,” Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, of the Harvard School of Public Health, told CTV News. “The magnitude of the impact was really surprising.”

The study involved 240 surveys of sodium intake across 50 countries from 1990 to 2010. Researchers analyzed the study and measured the impact of excessive salt intake on blood pressure and cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke). Here are a few key points that researchers presented at the meeting this week:

  • Heart attacks caused 42 per cent of the deaths
  • strokes caused 41 per cent
  • 60 per cent of the deaths occurred in men, 40 per cent were in women
  • the remainder resulted from other types of cardiovascular disease
  • 84 per cent of the deaths due to too much sodium were in low and middle-income countries
Will you make a conscious effort to reduce your salt intake after reading the details of this report?

Source: CTV News