Cupcake Wars Season 5 Episode 9 – Renaissance Faire

Catherine Roberts
by Catherine Roberts | May 16, 2012 @ 12:57 pm | 0 

This Week’s Theme

Episode 9 of Cupcake Wars Season 9 had the theme of Renaissance Faire. The judges for this episode were Florian Bellanger of MadMac Macarons and Candace Nelson of Sprinkles Cupcakes. The guest judge for this episode was Dennis Michael. He is a writer, journalist, and 38 year veteran of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. This week’s prize was a $10,000 cash prize and to present the winning cupcakes at Renaissance Pleasure Faire in California.


The four competing bakeries were Tiffany Duran for Custom Cakes by Tiffany located in Los Angeles, California; Tod Murphy for Cups Organic Lounge located in San Diego, California; Brittney Moore for Moore Dessert Please located in Dayton, Ohio; and finally Ady Abreu for Ady Cakes located in West Reading, Pennsylvania.

Tiffany Duran came back for her second chance at winning the competition. She was on the show in a previous season.

Round 1: Taste Challenge

The taste test challenge was to incorporate flavors that would have been served in the Renaissance. The teams had to use two ingredients from the table in their cakes. They had the options of: cardamom, pistachios, duck, mustard, onion, dates, cherries,

It was Tiffany Duran who was sent home this round for hard cupcakes. Her batter did not rise properly and she did not notice the problem until too late.  The rest of the bakers did a fantastic job and the decision to send Tiffany home was easy.

Round 2: Visual Challenge

The visual challenge was all about the style and romance of the Renaissance era. Half of the points were awarded for decoration, and half for flavors. All bakers failed in this round. None had perfect decorations and cakes, which was a big disappointment considering how well they did in the taste challenge. Tod Murphy decided to only use decorations that would have been around in the era. The judges did not appreciate this however, and he was sent packing.

Round 3: Presentation Challenge

The final round had Ady Abreu and Brittney Moore competing in a 1000 cupcake battle. The contestants had to create a display for their cupcakes that invoked the theme of the Renaissance. Ady went with a royal display and had the builder make her an actual castle. Brittney went with a more elegant design with a sword and shield motif.

Final Results

The final winner was Ady Abreu for her literal interpretation of the theme.

Do you think Ady deserved to win?