Christina Wins Hell’s Kitchen 2012: Did She Deserve It?

Catherine Roberts
by Catherine Roberts | September 10, 2012 @ 7:57 pm | 7 

Tonight was the finale episode of Hell’s Kitchen 2012. In the final two were Christina Wilson and Justin Antiorio. Both were battling against each other in a dinner service battle. Last week they chose their teams- Christina was with Dana, Kimmie, Robyn, and Patrick. Justin’s team was Clemenza, Barbie, Royce, and Brian. Clemenza had initially had his heart out of the final challenge, but came to his senses and rejoined the team mentally.

The final choice came down to who worked the pass better. Justin was a great leader, but Christina did an excellent job. She let her team cook in a more informal environment. She even told them they didn’t have to call her chef! The dinner service was not flawless but it was certainly better than Justin. The decision was close but Christina edged ahead.

One impressive thing was her choice in team members. Kimmie and Robyn actually did a great job, even if they were full of drama through the season. In the end, Justin was eliminated and Christina was named the winner!

Do you think Christina was the right choice?

Congratulations to Christina Wilson on winning Hell’s Kitchen!