Chopped Grill Masters 2012 Part 4: Chef Kent Rollins Moves On

Catherine Roberts
by Catherine Roberts | August 14, 2012 @ 2:25 pm | 2 

This was the fourth episode of five in the grilling challenge for Chopped: Grill Masters 2012. This was the last episode to determine the four contestants that will compete for $50,000.

The Contestants

The contestants for this episode of Chopped Grill Masters were Chef Chad Ward, Chef Corrine Trang, Chef Rick Browne, and Chef Kent Rollins.

The Judges

The judges for this episode were Aaron Sanchez, Amanda Freitag, and Marc Murphy.

The Appetizer Round

The secret ingredients for this round were short ribs, watermelon, speculoos, and fennel. The speculoos is a European cookie that is whipped with butter to create a spicy sweet spread. It is reminiscent of peanut butter.

Chef Chad Ward had only been cooking professionally for two years so his accomplishment of being on Chopped was amazing. He left the meat on the rib and that was his downfall. It was not possible to cook it properly in the 20 minutes they had and so his meat was too rare to eat.

The Entree Round

The secret ingredients for this round were port butt, baked beans, clams, and strawberry fruit leather. Meat “butt” is actually from the shoulder section of the animal. It has a lot of connective tissue and works best cooked for a very long time.

Chef Corrine Trang was a very interesting competitor because of her Asian cooking style. It’s very different compared to the big meaty plates from the men. She was very calm and zen through the competition.  She ended up chopped this round for raw pork and raw clams.

The Dessert Round

The secret ingredients for this round tofu, green plantains, maple-bacon ale, and mango. Tofu is not a typical barbecue food but it does make great desserts. Kent made a cowboy banana split with chocolate tofu. Rick made a tofu pudding. The judges loved Rick’s dessert but he did not directly grill any part of the dish.

Both Rick and Kent were a pleasure to watch. Kent Rollings is a true cowboy while Rick Browne is a ton of fun. It was Chef Kent Rollings who won this episode for his grilling knowledge and skills. We will see him in the finale along with the 3 other winners of Chopped Grill Masters.