Chopped 2012 Season 12 Episode 3: Fatima Ali Has The Guts to Win

Catherine Roberts
by Catherine Roberts | June 26, 2012 @ 5:47 pm | 0 

The Contestants

The third episode of Chopped 2012 featured chicken intestines and was titled “A Guts Reaction.” The chefs competing tonight were Chef Fatima Ali, Chef Kerenza Napoles, Chef Steve Luttrell, and Chef Robert Magsalin.

The Judges

The judges for this episode were Geoffrey Zakarian, Amanda Freitag, and Marc Murphy.

Appetizer Round

The secret ingredients for this round were chicken intestines, red miso, savoy cabbage, and clementines. The red miso is a common ingredient in Japanese cooking. It is fermented soya beans and rice. Chef Robert Magsalin was very happy with the intestines as it is an every day food for him. Chef Fatima Ali took a different approach and poached the meat in milk.

Chef Kerenza Napoles missed chopping her intestine into bite sized pieces. She also failed to mix the miso and that left super salty pockets of flavor. She was eliminated this round.

Entree Round

The secret ingredients for this round were duck breast, red malabar spinach, cherry cola, and olive loaf. Duck is a very fatty meat and if improperly cooked. It is a poultry that is commonly served underdone. Unlike chicken, there is so risk of food poisoning.

Chef Chef Steve Luttrell went with his traditional french training and prepared a classic dish. Fatima tucked her duck breast into the sous vide machine so that her spices infused into the meat. She is Muslim and thus could not try the pork olive loaf. She cooked blind and turned it into crispy bacon cubes.

Chef Robert Magsalin was eliminated this round for under cooked potatoes and super salty olive mousse.

Dessert Round

The secret ingredients for this round were kombucha, rambutans, egg white powder, and candied nuts. Kombucha is a fermented sweet tea. It is highly regarded as a health product for its high mineral content. Rambutans are an asian fruit with a furry peel. Inside is a soft jelly with a strongly sweet flavor.

Fatima made an ice cream her bowl of it smashed on the floor. She had just enough left over to serve the judges. She made a bread pudding to pair with it, but the inside was raw.  Steve tried to made pudding but it did not thicken properly. It turned out the pudding was unsweetened. Perhaps he had forgotten the sugar and that is why it stayed soft.

It was  Chef Fatima Ali who was named the winner. Both chefs messed up at the end but Fatima’s flavors were spot on.