Chopped 2012 Season 12 Episode 2: Cory Bahr Wins Using Truffle Oil?!

Catherine Roberts
by Catherine Roberts | June 8, 2012 @ 3:37 pm | 8 

The Contestants

The second episode of Chopped 2012 season 12 went back to the classic format. Titled “Sunny Side Apps”, this episode showed some classic breakfast foods repurposed in the first round. The chefs competing tonight were Chef Tony Kang, Chef Brian Howard, Chef Jesse Kramer, and Chef Cory Bahr.

The Judges

The judges for this episode were Aarón Sánchez, Amanda Freitag, and Maneet Chauhan.

Appetizer Round

The secret ingredients for this round were corned beef, gummy fried eggs, baby corn, and black olives. Corned beef is a salt cured/brined cut of beef that is commonly found canned.  Chef Cory Bahr used truffle oil on his hash but he had an excellent presentation. Chef Jesse Kramer had amazing flavors but he showed no creativity.

The first person eliminated was a surprise. Jesse Kramer was out for not showing the basket ingredients any creativity. In any food challenge show, truffle oil has always been the kiss of death. It is an overpowering flavor and overwhelms the palette.

Entrée Round

The secret ingredients for this round were striped bass, Jerusalem artichokes, cream of mushroom soup, and sour lemon candy. Jerusalem artichokes are an interesting vegetable that most people have never experienced. Native to North America, they are the roots of a type of sunflower. It can be cooked and eaten like potatoes, but has a nuttier flavor.

Chef Cory Bahr again used truffle oil in his dish. Last round the judges voiced their displeasure of it but he thought it was a good idea to try it again. The only thing worse than him using it again was Chef Brian Howard under cooking his fish. Brian was sent home and Cory snuck through to the next round.

Dessert Round

The secret ingredients for this round were spearmint candy, knodel, almond flour, and raisins on the vine. Knodel is a German/Austrian potato dumpling. These were presented dehydrated. Raisins on the vine are also an interesting ingredient. They are dehydrated on the plant so as it increase the sweetness and flavor of the raisins.

Chef Tony Kang made almond cookies with gelato. The judges felt that the dish was too dry and it needed more gelato.

Chef Cory Bahr made a bread pudding with mint sauce. The pudding was undercooked but they loved his sauce.

In the end it was Tony Kang who was eliminated. That was a big surprise with all of Cory Bahr’s fumbles this episode. For once, truffle oil won.