Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield Heads to Space with Organic Food!

Angela Ayles
by Angela Ayles | December 19, 2012 @ 9:16 am | 0 

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield will embark on a 5-month mission to the International Space Station. But what will he be eating while he’s up there? Healthy, organic products, obviously.

Chris and his team will be enjoying Taste of Nature’s Nova Scotia Blueberry Fields organic food bar! Chosen by the mission astronauts, this bar is 100% organic, very nutritious, and most importantly – especially in zero-gravity – crumb-free.

More than Just a Granola Bar

Over the past year, the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) had been looking for space-friendly snacks  that had to be resistant to both extreme heat and cold. The Markham, Ontario, company Taste of Nature sent CSA a few varieties of its cold-pressed, crumb-free fruit and nut bars. Following a rigorous selection process that involved the mission astronauts, including Commander Hadfield, the Taste of Nature Nova Scotia Blueberry Fields was selected because of its nutritional profile and “spaceflight criteria.”

“I cannot wait to look into the night sky knowing astronauts are orbiting the Earth and snacking on one of our bars,” says Steve Diakowsky, Taste of Nature president and CEO. “We are a Canadian company, using Canadian ingredients and now we are venturing into outer space with a two-time Canadian space shuttle astronaut. We are over the moon!”

In honor of Chris’ mission, and will be giving away Taste of Nature gift baskets valued at over $100 each. Our giveaway will take flight in the New Year, so make sure to check back after the holidays.

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