California Locals Shedding Tears Over Potential Sriracha Shortage

Anna Fleet
by Anna Fleet | October 31, 2013 @ 1:32 pm | 0 

It seems that a potential hot sauce shortage of the popular Huy Fong Foods condiment, Sriracha, may cause a few tears to be shed.

Unfortunately, things have already come to tears for the Irwindale, California neighborhood where the manufacturing facility is located. The pungent sauce processing has caused a smell so overpowering that it’s been causing headaches, and eyes and throats to burn for blocks—which is exactly why the city of Irwindale is considering closing the plant and its hot sauce production.

Area locals filed various complaints with a Los Angeles court on Monday, which may put a halt to the production and processing of roughly 100 million pounds of chilis between the months of September and December and packs 200,000 bottles daily.

However, “if the city shuts us down, the price of Sriracha will jump up a lot,” says Huy Fong Foods founder and CEO, David Tran.

It seems a sriracha shortage is imminent considering that even when production is full-steam, supply is short.

“We had no choice but to institute this action,” commented Fred Galante, Irwindale City Attorney, on the odorous manufacturing process.

Source: The Huffington Post