Brogurt Obsession: Powerful Yogurt Targets Manly Men

Angela Ayles
by Angela Ayles | February 27, 2013 @ 2:20 pm | 2 

Greek yogurt has become one of the biggest food trends in the industry this past year. There’s no arguing that the protein-packed snack boasts many health benefits but are men less likely to purchase the products because they’ve been marketed so aggressively towards women? A company called Powerful Yogurt seems to think so. And they’ve come up with a solution (or so they think).

The product is called Powerful Yogurt and the company’s website describes their product as “An all-natural, super-protein, great-tasting and nutritious Greek yogurt specifically designed to meet the health and performance needs of busy men living an active lifestyle.”

A single cup of the natural, fat-free yogurt is sold in a “man-size” 8-ounce cup. The creators of Powerful Yogurt revealed that the product was developed by a team of sports nutritionists, trainers, and food scientists whose goal is to help guys lose fat, gain muscle, and improve digestive health.

What we’re having a hard time understanding is exactly how this product differs from any other Greek yogurt product on the market. Other than over-the-top masculine packaging and marketing materials, it seems as though this is the same yogurt that’s been filling grocery store shelves for many years.

So, gentlemen, we have to ask: Are you about to jump on the Brogurt Bandwagon – or do you think that the Brogurt obsession is a bunch of bollocks?

You can read more about Powerful Yogurt on the company’s official website.